Women’s Bible Study: Ruth

September 28 10:30 am  |  Church Office

Ellendale United Methodist Church, Centralia Road, Memphis, TN, USA

We know that Ruth was fiercely loyal to her mother-in-law, but beyond that? Walk with Ruth as she travels from Moab to Bethlehem, certain of her calling, yet uncertain of her future. Hold Naomi’s hand and watch love put the pieces of her broken life back together. And hang out with Boaz, their kinsman-redeemer, who blesses both women and honors God, big time.

With best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs, you’ll tarry in the corners of their ancient houses, listen to their conversations, and consider every word of every verse until you can say, “I totally get the book of Ruth. And I see what God is trying to teach me through this rags-to-riches redemption story—he has a plan for my life.” Girl, does he ever!

Cindy Morris will lead the study. A short video will be presented each week. A book is available, but it’s not essential. You can find a new book for $14.49 on Amazon and they also have used books for less. “The Girl’s Still Got It!” By Liz Curtis Higgs.